Monthly Archives: October 2010

Did you know?

It is my pleasure to announce the Consensus Organizing Center was able to award over $200,000 in scholarships through various donors to current and program Alumni. One donor in particular I would like to highlight is the Hervey Family Fund at the San Diego Foundation. The Hervey Family has been long time supporters of the Center and in particular the Step-Up Program. They value the hard work it takes to maintain a connection with a young person and currently fund scholarships for Step-Up Alumni who are attending an accredited college or university full-time. Students can receive up to $5,000 and can apply annually. I have managed this program for the past three years and have been able to see the success and continuity for the students receiving the scholarship. For some, it is the only financial assistance they receive; and I am so fortunate to be apart of this process! Applications are available in late spring.


‘College Night’ a Success

Thank you to Inc. and all of the Consensus Organiing Center for their support on October 16th, 2010 in Mission Viejo. We raised enough money for all of the students tuition for the next class of Step-Up Students! The band, Club Harv, was so well received that people booked them for future events for their own companies. John and Leslie Gilson of Inc. said ‘the night couldn’t have been any better’. Stay tuned for final numbers and more pictures.

Youth Organizers

The Center constantly reflects on how far we have come over the years and looks at our talent pipeline impact. Being a product of the Price Community Builder Program myself (a program in the talent pipeline), I am proud to be working with youth who someday might also return to their communities and work in a similar program. The concept of youth organizers is a hot topic right now in San Diego; Youth organizers, youth voice, young adult perspective. The concept that change is happening and youth are the adults who are going to have to carry out the change is a real concept. It is one of our goals in addition to assisting first generation college students into college, to develop and expose youth to know that they are contributing and successful members of society. Or more information on our talent pipeline: Please see the ‘Programs’ tab on our website.

Consensus Organizing Getting Married?


The Consensus Organizing model can be applied to various settings and professions. Last night, the model was applied to a group of students studying to be school social workers (otherwise known at the PPS credential). I often find that Social Work and Consensus Organizing are the ideal marriage because they compliment each other, they do not compete. The skills inherent to most social workers are the very backbone of Consensus Organizing. Mutual Self Interest which requires listening and asking questions and social capital which requires building rapport and building relationships are the key functions of all social workers and consensus organizers. I often wonder, if the creator of the Consensus Organizing Model subconsciously knew that when he received his Masters in Social Work that his future works would compliment his education so nicely? Do we subconsciously find ourselves working/studying areas now that will benefit us in the future? Or is that the plan all along?

Next month, Consensus Organizing will also be the topic of a policy course at SDSU. So maybe next month we will talk about how Consensus Organizing should go into politics?