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For two weeks the public school system and CSU campuses close for the winter holidays. I wanted to write a final post for 2010 and let you know that our blog will continue in 2011!  The Consensus Organizing Center also takes this time to rejuvenate and take time off to spend some free time; as our fellow social workers would say … some self-care. So please note that the office will be closed and our emails will have the ‘out of office’ response! We would like to take this time to wish you and your families a safe and restful break!


Happy Anniversary!

This fall marked our 10th program-anniversary with SDSU. I thought about the importance of the past ten years and found out the tenth traditional wedding anniversary is symbolized by tin (not the most flashy) and daffodils. While tin might not sound like a lot, it has a lot to say. Tin is durable and can stand the test of time. It also might accumulate dents, morph, and change shape, but at the end of the day, it is still tin. I can say this is true for the Consensus Organizing Center.  I can only hope that Mike Eichler won’t mind that I am comparing the COC to tin, but we are durable as a non-profit, flexible with the needs of our community, and accommodating to our program participants, yet do not break. 

Ten-year Tin

The Centers’ value truly worth is its weight in gold (we’d have to wait for the 50th anniversary for that!)

We made it … almost

Strong till the end!

 There is a feeling you get as a student (and professor) when you know the end of the semester is near. Maybe you walk a little bit faster to class, because the sooner you get there the sooner class will be over; maybe you schedule all of your group projects back to back so you can have them out-of-the-way.  Your work in school, preparing for class, or working in the community is never truly complete. While the last day of the fall 2010 semester is quickly coming upon us, our work is never over, however, the silver lining to all this is we will be refreshed and energized for to work in 2011.

Fall 2010 Newsletter is here!

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Post and pre holiday

After a gluttonous weekend and no exercise of the body or brain a few more weeks remain to refocus and charge ahead towards the end of the calendar year.  A few continuous goals remain for the Center to carry into 2011, continue to be a hub of creative ideas, to train and develop students and residents of San Diego, and to be a resource for those seeking information about community and consensus organizing. Thanksgiving, black friday, and cyber Monday bring much energy and excitement for some … months of planning, preparation, and strategy. That is how a consensus organizer thinks about a community. It might appear that a community organizer is throwing caution to the wind and working with residents on an issue, but the reality is months of planning, talking, and work has gone into that moment; just like it might appear that a mother is haphazardly camped outside of a Best Buy waiting and hoping for that sale.