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Follow the Leader

From time to time we are able to come across someone who embodies the qualities you would like your students to sahre and emulate. Tomorrow, the Step-Up students will have a chance to meet and hear from their Councilmember, Todd Gloria. Councilmember Gloria grew up in City Heights, their neighborhood, and worked hard to succeed both in high school and the University of San Diego. He selected this particular day to come as Professor Eichler will be speaking on Education. Listening to the needs of a community and working together to make effective change are essential to any consensus organizer. It just goes to show that there is a consensus organizer in all of us!


Spring 2011 Newsletter Teaser

Here are some topics that we are currently working on!

Todd Gloria Comes to Visit

Teach Consensus Organizing, Will Travel

Lecturer Lautemann and Lecturer Henry

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First College Paper

I am not sure if I even remember what my first college paper was about, something to do with a communications class and a persuasive speech comes to mind. Next Wednesday, 23 high school students in the Step-Up Program will be turning in their first college paper. This is no joke! It is double spaced, typed (not font 14), 5-7 pages, and on the community issue of their choice. I had the students announce their topics last week and here are some that they came up with: gangs, teen pregnancy, and drugs. Could have seen those coming, right? But then there was another handful who said distribution of wealth, environmental impact on local parks, and molest. These are youth who are not only exploring the boundaries beyond their own lives but a more global society.

I share this with you because the students in the Step-Up Program are a part of a cohort. A cohort of Hoover High School students who often are the target of stereotypical labeling and negative media coverage. These students in Step-Up, all first generation college students, all bilingual and are learning how to expand their thought process and their views about their neighborhood. For this paper, their thought need to turn into actions. I am looking forward to hearing and reading more about their solutions and will share some with you next week!